The EDPP Montreal meetup group is the sister group to the ML meetup group, focused on data processing/engineering. Group’s intro:

From using GPUs to process datasets faster to scaling up workloads dependent on single-node calculation engines in perfectly parallel mode with Spark, and from distributed in-memory filesystems for managing hot data to distributed processing of geospatial and time-series data, we typically cover the cases that need some custom designs and for which there are no out-of-the-box solutions on or off the cloud. Join us to learn and share with us what you know to get things done, faster and better. Technologies that we consider are typically open-source, with permissive licenses.

The current org team of the EDPP Montreal meetup group is listed here. Unless specifically stated otherwise, all the terms and instructions provided for the ML group also apply to the EDPP group. For any questions, you may use the contact form on this site, or contact the organizer directly.

The posts on this website are primarily about our ML events, but there are some related to the EDPP events; these are tagged with EDPP.

Thanks to current and past sponsors of EDPP Montreal events: