Giving a talk at Montreal Machine Learning meetup group would be a great exposure to your work during the evening of the event as well as in front of a global audience thanks to the YouTube videos that will be prepared for each talk and tutorial (on a best-effort basis). It’s also a fantastic opportunity to get feedback on your work from fellow ML devs during the following networking/brainstorming session.

Criteria for talks/tutorials


  • Duration: 10-25 minutes each
  • There is no restriction regarding the topic as long as it clearly relates to Data Science, i.e., proprietary products and services and related are welcome; specifically, the talk can be:
    • an industrial project
    • a tutorial on an ML tool/process
    • an academic paper
    • an interesting work you’ve done as a hobby


  • Practical, industry-oriented presentation or tutorial
  • Must use open-source, freely available libraries/tools
  • Must share technical details and/or code snippets to educate the audience, i.e., it must not be a pure presentation of results and outputs
  • Duration: 45-55 minutes


Please send your proposals to Please include title, summary and an estimated duration of the talk as well as a short bio of yourself. We’ll finalize the list of talks and update the meetup page few days before the event.

Guidelines regarding the submissions

  • Title (80 characters maximum)
  • Talk summary/abstract (a paragraph of 100 words maximum)
  • Bio (a paragraph of 50-75 words)