Attendee selection process

In each meetup, there is an initial open capacity for people to RSVP. We then select another batch from the waiting list (if it forms) based on profile information to have good balance/diversity; this process may be adapted in each meetup.


The hall where we have the meetups has some number of seats (indicated in the meetup page). However, we allow more people on the RSVP Yes list to account for people who may have last-minute issues and to give chance to others to attend. If indeed more people than the seating capacity do make it, the rest will need to stand at the back or on the sides. The access to the hall may be restricted if too many people arrive due to security reasons; entry to the hall is on the first-come-first-enter basis. Apologies in advance for the potential denied entry. People who are not on the RSVP Yes list will not be permitted to enter the hall under any circumstances.

Photo/Video permission

The presentations will be recorded and the videos will be posted on YouTube or other video-sharing platforms. There may be photos or videos taken in which you appear; these may be posted online or used in other promotional content. By coming to the events, you agree to be filmed and have your photo taken and waive all claims and recourses against the organizers and sponsors.